"Topos" eng. meaning a traditional theme or formula in literature; origin from Greek τόπος literally ‘place’.
    We were searching for that topos (motif and formula if you will) in the topos/ topoi (in the place/s). This is what we found.
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  • /topos: Famagusta, CY

    Famagusta today is mostly famous among tourists for its ill-fated Ghost City, "Varosha" which is guarded by Turkish troops and closed to any visitors.


    However, there are at least two other Famagusta(s), currently inhabited and open to visitors, the Famagusta inside the Walled City and the Famagusta which has been built around the Ghost City, both inhabited in their majority by settlers from the Turkish mainland.


    Poor housing, deserted churches, stray dogs and an overall sense of an ending characterise both the Walled City (including the Port) as well as the surroundings of the Varosha Forbidden Area. This comes in quite a contrast with the relatively new University Area with its campuses and housing facilities, but even more with the tourist all inclusive industry exploiting the area.


    Famagusta is known to the Greeks as Ammochostos, meaning “buried in the sand”. The Walled City architectural gems remain until today in a deplorable state, probably "destined" to be buried in the sand soon.

    Inside the Walled City

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  • /topos: Dipkarpaz and Apostolos Andreas, CY

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  • /topos: Village, Messinia, GR

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  • /topos: Life Cycladic

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