• This is a (Greek) story

    This is a story that unfolds on the Greek mainland, islands, but also in Turkey and Cyprus. The photographs have been shot with two analogue cameras (a Canon AE1 and two Zeniths) for the past 10 years.


    The drawings and other graphic/paint/clay creations complement the photographs. You may find a study of a Dervish dancer accompanying series shot in Cyprus. All images are available as high quality art prints here. Clay and terracotta jewellery and other unique creations are available in our shop.

    Analogue Photography// Prints

    I chose Analogue because the use of film - oftentimes dusted, expired and overheated - gives an unrepeatable, irreplaceable patina of "imperfection" to the capture that none of the digital possible manipulations may ever (re)produce.


    Thus, the photographs and consequently, the prints have the distinguished air of gentlemen and ladies of a "certain age", of another "epoque", whose elegance and "wrinkles" cannot be mimicked by anything but time past.

    Clay and terracota jewellery// Cycladic air

    My latest creations are available here. Please visit the online shop or contact me directly for orders at cmosora@gmail.com

    Hand drawn goodies// Sketchbook// Paintings

    Coming soon.

  • /topos: analogue photographs and prints

    Serifos Island, view of Chora

    /tropos: latest ceramic art creations

    Check for latest ceramic art creations

    /anthropos (under construction)

  • PRINTS// GOODIES// jewelry

    Latest ceramic creations

    Clay and terracota collection

    Jewellery from Greece delivered worldwide

    Inspired by the simplicity and robustness of the Cycladic form, climate and geography, a collection of handcrafted archaic shapes that you can wear. Check it here.

    Cool Objects

    Check our Society6 online store

    Wall clocks, t-shirts, tote bags and so much more cool stuff delivered directly from my Society6 store.

    Color, B&W Prints

    Art Prints on canvas, metal, paper

    High quality prints of my analogue photos on almost everything you can imagine. Explore the options here.

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    Currently creating and procreating in Athens, GR. Stay tuned for updates here.

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